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Yuyao sun and moon lamps and lanterns Co., Ltd. is a powerful enterprise integrating production, supply and sale in one.


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Company Profile

    YUYAO SUN MOON LIGHTING CO., LTD.is located by the Siming Lake with beautiful scenery in Ningbo. It is the one of the most important production base of the road lamps in China, specializing in producing medium and high-stick lamps, road lamps, garden lamps, lawn lights, tunnel lights and floor lights. We have developed to be a bright new-star in lamps producing industry after development at a surprising speed in recent year.
    "Originality, novelty, practicality, durability" is the most suitable description for us. Our company is a strong enterprise integrating production, supply and sale, with modern management, advanced production, updated technology and complete after-sales services.

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Add:Qiujia Liangnong Town Yuyao China.


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